Hello! And welcome.

This is my adventure in making life a little bit more simple.

I was thinking one day that I'd love to really explore the idea of keeping life simple, and reveling in it. I realize I'm not the first person to think this up, nor will I be the last, but as life became more complex and fast-paced, I wanted something different for my family. I wanted simplicity. But not in a bare bones, we'll do without everything sort of way.

My Vision
When I close my eyes I picture beautiful surroundings, artwork, paint, cut paper, wooden blocks, toys of substance that invigorate not only my children's minds, but my own. I see books, beautiful books, everywhere. I can smell the mixture of spices and herbs that I store in my kitchen, to subtly change any recipe I wish, so the person eating wonders what is so good, yet so different this time. Because life should be about experiences. I can hear music. Good music--not the stuff my children commented on when a loud bass-throbbing car drove by: "Mom! What's that awful noise?"

When I switched from the world of work to the world of homemaking, homeschooling, and re-learning how to be a wonderful friend, I felt I had to plan activities for every moment, have somewhere to go, and still keep the perfect (House Beautiful) house. I long to master the arts of creating life in everything I do. To see the difference in others lives, because of my small touches.

Join me. Perhaps, together we can turn simple into amazing.