Monday, October 17, 2011

Mmmm, Apple/Beet Juice

Oh my!  The purple, the beautiful purple!  Our farmer friend, who sells wonderful, organic, heirloom produce by the basketful, provided us with a large sack of beets.  We love beets.  We were also blessed to receive two large bags of apples from my parents, as well as apples from someone who sent us the "Halloween Phantom" and we have an apple tree!!  So, I've been juicing the apples & beets together.  They have been so good, though I won't let the kids drink it in their school uniforms (have you ever tried to get beets out of clothing?!?!?).

This morning's breakfast was glorious, as I threw spinach, flax seed, my beet/apple blend, strawberries, and some frozen bananas into the blender.  It was a beautiful bright red, and the kids snarfed it down.  I loved knowing everything that went into them was raw, fresh, and jam-packed with vitamins--especially since it seems bug after bug is going around their school, and we already had to bring home strep for everyone!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Reminds Me...

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This comic today on Home Spun Juggling reminded me of the time our family mummified chickens for a homeschool project.  Will we do it again now that the younger two are older?  I'm not sure...maybe.  They did learn a lot the first time.  Check it out at:  A Tale of Two Chickens



We haven't fallen off the planet...well perhaps we have.  We have been hiding in our basement feeling a little yucky.  Both girls have had strep, and have been recovering.  The youngest's case included more vomiting than I'd like to remember, which caused lack of sleep for her parents.  The oldest was in so much pain, that she cried much of the night, and had a hard time sleeping.  I'm so grateful at this moment for medications that doctors can apply to relieve pain when ibuprofen just doesn't cut it. 

So, the Holiday Plan is a bit derailed, and might be for a little bit more, as I plan a baptism ceremony for my son (he turned 8 in September and has chosen a date in October to be baptized, that will include as many family members as we can, but also involves driving out of state so that it's easier for more grandparents to get there).  Once I'm back, and hopefully everyone is healthy, I'll get to start washing baby clothes & the cloth diapers to have them ready!!  I'm excited!!!