Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Building Beds

I'm so very excited!  My darling husband and I have been using plans from the Ana White site to make furniture for the little girls' room.  The beds are done.  We used her Pioneer Twin bed and then painted them antique white.  Target had bedding at 75% off awhile back, and knowing that I'd be doing this in the near future, I got them coordinating bedding.  Pictures to come soon!!!

We're still unpacking from our move, but are getting closer!  As soon as everything is done, we'll share some in progress photos as well as completely done ones.  I feel completely giddy inside as I realize that we MADE the furniture in our daughters' bedroom.


  1. I can't wait to see pictures. We are doing a move too, of sorts, but within our own house. My husband is refinishing furniture and I am also giddy about it. However making it all yourself is like tweleve levels above refinishing. Awesomeness!


  2. That is so cool that you made the bunk beds, and that you're expecting at the same time!!! I'm very impressed!

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