Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

Well, well.  It's Monday again.  Sort of sneaks up on you, doesn't it?  I decided I definitely need to plan meals for this week, or else my family would go hungry.  Food just hasn't sounded good to me for a few weeks, and meal times have been rolling around without my realizing it.  My awesome kids have fended for themselves in some awesome ways at times, and I feel as though my parenting must have something to do with it.  I mean, really--here are some snacks THEY have come up with:

tuna fish & crackers
flax seed chips and cheese
celery and cheese
carrots and ranch
jelly beans (what do you expect?  Tis the season!)
chips and salsa
chocolate milk

Really, not too bad, but not as many veggies as I usually serve, so I'm going to have to up my game, nausea or not.  Because even if I don't fix the food, there is still a kitchen to clean, and I might as well get up and help.

So, here we go, a week of real food!!  (My sweet husband will be so proud!!) I feel like singing the 12 days of dinners, as I just got back from scanning the pantry, and I have 2 butternut squash, 3 spaghetti squash, and 4 sweet potatoes the size of a child's head.

Monday:  Baked butternut squash & hamburger gravy (I'm experimenting here, it sounds good to me)
Tuesday:  Beef stir-fry, rice
Wednesday:  Chicken noodle soup--or maybe chicken lentil soup...depends on my mood at that moment.
Thursday:  Spaghetti squash & spaghetti sauce
Friday:  Lunch out:  Dinner leftovers.
Saturday:  Farmer's Market Day, dinner revolves around whatever produce needs to be eaten fastest.

I hope you are able to keep up your meal planning!  It makes life so much easier. 

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