Saturday, April 16, 2011

Missing? Me?

I haven't been posting.  You probably noticed.  Why?  Well, in my search for simple, life took over!  And it's been WONDERFUL!  I've been teaching my children more one-on-one.  My 5-year-old's reading is flourishing.  My son and I have been having great conversations about his history lessons, and I'm not putting that on a timer.  Nope. 

And we've had some wonderful friends visit us, and who wants to spend time on the computer when you can BE with good friends?  Not I!  You can click here and here to see some photos of our friends' visit.

Then today, my husband and I took the children to do service projects for the Great Day of Service in our area, a multi-denominational activity where there is strength in numbers and we get a bunch of things done for our community all in one day.  (Hey!  We're on CNN!! See the little girl in the pink shirt in photo 2?  That's my baby!).  Ta ta!!!

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