Monday, July 18, 2011

Clay--in My Tummy?

WARNING:  Toddler potty talk below!

Actually, in my little one's tummy.  Our 3 year old has suffered with constipation from dairy since she was born (she would even get constipated if I drank it and nursed her).  However, she has no other symptoms of an allergy or intolerance, and thrives when given good yogurt, wonderful milk from Grandpa's farm, and the cheeses from the place Grandpa's milk goes to after it's pasteurized. I was very happy to find that we lived near a pure clay source here in UT.  I took a class on how to use clay medicinally, and have learned a lot. 

One exciting thing I've learned is that if I put a small amount in a gallon of water (about a 1/2 C), stir it up well and let it settle (about 4 hours), we can give that water (off the top) to Payge--mixed in her juices, milk, or just to drink--and she is fine.  It's a very small dose compared to using other methods, and much less intrusive than using the horrible glycerin suppositories.  Also, from talking to others, there have been great successes of people using a small amount of that water and mixing it with formula when their infants are having a hard time with formula. 

When you mix the clay with water and let it settle in that way, you are actually infusing the water with all the pure minerals from the clay and letting the sediment float away.  Those minerals create strength and balance in the intestines.  It doesn't happen in the first day, but after a few (it took Payge 4 days to become regular), the digestive system feels like the problem wasn't even there.  I really can't describe the joy I felt when my daughter came running downstairs and exclaimed, "Mommy!  My poo was nice to me today!"  That's a big deal for a three year old who was afraid to use the potty before because it 'might hurt'. 

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