Wednesday, February 9, 2011

C'Mon, Get Hapi!

If you read both of my blogs, this will be a repeat.  Sorry, but I'm excited about this!!!

For those of you that don't already know, I'm a HUGE fan of Hannah Keeley's Total Mom book.  I like to recommend it to people and help others figure out how to put things in order.  It's fun to be able to answer people with a concrete answer when they ask, "How on earth do you homeschool, run a home, and take up running (the running part is harder now that my favorite running companion lives 12 hours away)?!?"  I tell them it was definitely a series of baby steps, especially since I went from a Business graduate to a mom...I mean, really--I went from working with adults that listened to me to taking care of a 4 pound newborn who could have really cared less that I was asking him to sleep longer than 45 minutes.

Hannah has just started advertising her Five Minute Mom program, where she sends you emails with tasks in them which take only 5 MINUTES to complete.  Of course, those five minutes usually get you motivated to do more...but doing more isn't the problem, is it?  It's knowing where to start.  So, check it out.  I did sign up as an affiliate--full disclosure here--but only because I'm referring people to this all of the time anyway.  I think the only time it ever went awry was when a guy friend bought it for his wife's birthday...he thought he was helping, but she definitely took it as a "You need help" sort of gesture.  Keep in mind, it wasn't MY idea that it was to be a gift, I figured she should decide on her own if she wanted to do something like that.  Don't worry, they worked it out.

So, check out her program!  At least listen to what she has to say:

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