Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simplicity Can Bring Families Together

Breakfast...who has time?  It seems crazy enough to get everyone together for dinner, right?  But what about starting the day together?  Does it really have to be that hard?  I propose it does not.  A little planning ahead makes all the difference in the world.  Above, you see my breakfast table (sans the people, they hadn't come down to eat yet).  A simple bread pudding (eggs, milk, dried bread (purchased, this time...see, it CAN be simple), cinnamon, sugar, 20 min. in the oven--simple food--it's how I roll), and a plate of sliced oranges.  All the food groups sitting right there (OK, no veggie, but if we look at it as the big FOUR, fruits and veggies work together). 

And the flowers?  From Aldi: $3.99.  They've lasted a full week, and have made our meals so pleasant as we wait for the flowers outside to bloom.

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