Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Whew!  This weekend was a blast!  We had our church's Fancy Dance (the youth set up a formal dance for the adults, with three hours of babysitting included--in a well staffed nursery) as a fundraiser for their summer camps.  Also, some of the adults in the ward make desserts to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to the youth camps as well.  It's so great to see a home baked cake sold for $40, knowing that you're paying for a youth to go experience the spirit of God in a wonderful setting, to grow and learn.  At the auction, our family "won" a strawberry cheesecake and a pecan pie.  So, our tummies and tongues have been indulging.   They were delicious! 

Last night, I didn't have to cook our evening meal, either, as it was our church's "It's Great to be Eight" evening.  Our son was introduced to cub scouts, the Faith in God award (a set of goals our youth can set that bring them closer to knowing God, such as service in the community, more disciplined scripture study, and learning family skills.  He was also given the basic overview of the choice to be baptized (because, really, it's the parents' job to prepare their children for that), and given some scripture study tools that will help him make this decision.  It was a touching evening. 

Now, it's my turn to get back on the horse and feed my family real food! Though, I have to admit, the loaded baked potatoes provided at last night's church function were so wonderful!  Thanks, ladies!

Monday:  A seven layer dip, using up some tomatoes, onions, and yogurt in the fridge that needs to be munched.  We'll add refried beans, cheese and tortilla chips.  I love fun dinners that use up my extras!

Tuesday:  Chicken and asparagus.  Mmmm.  With lemon/butter sauce.  On sliced zucchini because there is so much of it already!  I love spring in the South!

Wednesday:  My Sweet Husband's birthday!  He's going mountain biking with friends and having his annual review at work.  Wow.  What a day planned.  So, for breakfast, I'll start him off well with broccoli/onion quiche.  Then that night have a roast ready in the crock-pot.  We have a gift-card to spend at Coldstone Creamery that we purchased via Living Social ($5 for $20 worth of dessert, nice!).

Thursday: Stew using roast and veggie left overs.  Make bread.

Friday:  Clean out the fridge day!  If small amounts of left overs, we'll do it buffet-style.  If we eat everything, I'll toss together some spaghetti.

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