Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

So, it looks as though, even though last week's menu was written, I never actually took the two minutes to post it.  Eh, such is life.  My husband and I bought a new workout series (well, new to us) and have been enjoying spending our evenings exercising together instead of watching movies or playing board games.  Not that those things are bad, it's just that with the colder weather here, we weren't getting as much movement in during the day as we did when it was warm, so we thought we'd make up for it with some other exercise.  The video set was our answer.  It's been working out nicely.  Our kids sometimes try to join us (by jumping around and making noises I'm sure the neighbors below us are not happy about) or they sit there and yell, "Go faster Mommy!  Faster!"  Usually, that is our two year old, cheering me on. Speaking of being cheered on, when it comes to getting motivated as a mother (and remembering to take care of me) I've been popping over to Hannah Keeley's site.  Have you been there? 

Onto the menu!

Sometime this week we will eat the rest of the tabbouleh for lunch. 

Sunday:  Cheddar broccoli soup.  I'm going to attempt to hide multiple carrots and an onion in this recipe with the help of my blender.  With bread (baked Saturday night) muahahaha! 

Monday:   Meat loaf and home made cole-slaw.  The farmer's market box had a purple cabbage in it, so I'm telling the kids it's "purple salad".  We'll see if it wins over our princesses.  Making some meatballs out of the loaf mix and freezing them.  I'll use them later for spaghetti.

Tuesday:  Zucchini, spinach, & onions, sauteed and tossed with egg noodles.  With Parmesan on top, of course!

Wednesday:  A date with my honey! We're celebrating 9.5 years being married, and then counting down to our TEN YEAR anniversary.  So, feeding the kids one of their favorites:  Pizza pasta (noodles tossed with chopped olives, mini-pepperonis, diced bell pepper, mozzarella, and a bit of pizza sauce).  I can prepare it ahead and let the sitter feed them.

Thursday:  Black beans with bell peppers, tomatoes.

Friday:  Left overs & cooking up (or freezing) any vegetables that really need to be from our market basket.

Saturday:  Chicken curry.  My sweetie has been looking forward to something spicy with cashews and chicken in it.  I will oblige!

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