Monday, January 17, 2011


We decided that with the pantry challenge, we'd start trying to cut back on grocery runs.  So far, it's been three weeks since I've decided to cut back on going to the store, and it's working.  YAY!

I just felt as though I had to give kudos to the man upstairs.  I've been praying for help to be a better steward of what I have, and also the ability to make what I have stretch so that we can free up resources for other things (like art and music lessons for the children, classic books, etc.).  When I went to my local grocer the other night, I told myself that I'd spend $20 & no more--I'd get 2 gallons of milk ($6), the grapefruit that was on sale for $3 for 8 lbs, and any staples that were on sale with the other $11.

When I walked into the store, my eye quickly noticed the employee with the price sticker gun.  I walked up to her and asked, "Are you doing markdowns right now?" When she replied she was, my impulsive little mouth said, "Oh, good.  Can I follow you?"  She didn't care!  So, I was able to get loaves of ciabatta  for $0.50 from the gourmet section of the bakery, a 10oz bag of cheddar cheese curds for $2 (which was cheaper than the 8 oz bricks at the time), lunch meat for $1&change / pkg, and milk for $1.50 gallon!  Yes, these things had to be used within the week (or frozen) but I was there to shop for the week's groceries, so I was OK with that.  There were a few other things I grabbed (including my grapefruit), but after all, I spent $19.70.  Whew!  I came home with so many bags that my husband wondered if I'd actually stuck to my goal of $20.  But I did!  And I have to say that I really believe that each little thing we try to do to make family life better is blessed by the Lord.

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