Sunday, March 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--Use up the greens week!

Woot!  This weekend's farmer's market trip was wonderful.  Mustard greens, romaine, spinach, napa cabbage, green, green, green!  Must be spring in NC.  *Contented sigh*

So, now what to do with all of it?  Here's the plan:

Monday:  Using the cabbage, some ginger, some chicken, some peppers and some Asian noodles (mung bean flour ones...they were $1 at Big Lots) all tossed together.  Cooked lightly (well, except the chicken, it'll be well done!) in a light broth.  Mmmm.

Tuesday:  I was going to have us eat the left over soup from Sunday night (mustard greens, potatoes & hot pork sausage in a chicken broth--don't knock it til ya try it.), but everyone ate lots...soooo, since there are still mustard greens left (t'was a HUGE bunch!), I'm going to try this recipe:

Wednesday:  Something with green beans.  I have enough for two meals for the green beans to be the main course.  I'm still searching for inspiration.  Perhaps this night we'll do our favorite:  Green bean fries (recipe in another post--after I make them again), tomato slices on the side.

Thursday:  Church dinner to celebrate the birthday of the Relief Society.  My husband is helping in the nursery, so there will be no need to cook.  Yippee!

Friday:  Green beans, day two.  I'm thinking along the lines of garlic & ginger beans.  Simple, yet satisfying.  Since they are really saucy, I'll toss in some chicken.  Chicken tastes good with ginger on it.  :)  Plus, this dinner has to be light...we'll be eating bunches of birthday cakes since it's my and my youngest daughter's birthday weekend!  My wee little baby will be three!

Saturday:  We'll see what we haven't finished off for lunches and left-overs from dinners.  And we'll EAT EM! Unless of course we go to dinner for someone's birthday...  ;)

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