Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Menu Plan...Tuesday?

In all honesty, this was already done.  I'm not behind!  I just didn't post it.  ;)

I'm trying to keep unpasteurized dairy out of my youngest child, which basically means out of everyone due to her seeing things and wanting to eat them.  The rest of us don't show symptoms of being reactionary to processed dairy, but her constant runny nose (even when not sick, never a fever, nothing works--doctor won't even consider her sick when we bring her in due to it only being the one symptom of LEAKY NOSE).  So, we're using coconut milk & nut milks.  She's almost three (in two weeks!  Aaack!), so we're not worried about nut allergies.

Monday:  We had chicken curry over rice.
Tuesday:  Asparagus/coconut soup
Wednesday: Chicken with peanut sauce.
Thursday:  Going mountain biking...taking portable food.
Friday:  Corn soup (dairy free)

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