Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adding a Few Things...

Day Two, Week One.  Our little one is sleeping a lot lately, due to icky tummy.  I hope that she improves soon, as I really love her little cheerful self & miss our fun conversations. 

It dawned on me while going through the planning worksheets that I printed off yesterday, that I could turn my canning extravaganza into some very thoughtful gifts.  Especially for teachers that work so hard for our kids.  Usually, I'm the teacher.  This is the first year we've used a school.  It's a charter school, and they are using the same curriculum I did while homeschooling, so given that I know the work that goes into teaching one of my children that curriculum, and then multiplying that by 25...makes me shudder to think about it.  There are also music teachers and art teachers, so this will make a nice, inexpensive gift.  I'll probably buy some fancy tiny jam jars (like these: Ball Quilted Jelly Canning Jar 4 Oz., Case of 12) while I'm at Stuff Mart getting canning lids (yeah, I know, but Stuff Marts are the cheapest place to buy the tiny odds and ends for canning).

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