Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So, How's it going?

Today was Day One of the first week of the holiday prep.  Step one is going well...decluttering the office area.  It was a little crazy given my youngest came down with a tummy bug yesterday and has been feeling icky all day (and the extra loads of towels I've had to wash due to said tummy bug).  I have 2 gallons of cherries to juice and turn into jelly, and a gallon of currants to do the same with.  THEN, my husband's amazing aunt gave us 16 C (2 gallons) of apricots to turn into jam.  Whew!

 I've started printing off the pages for the Holiday Planner, and I'm excited to think about getting some of the gift buying out of the way soon.  In all reality, I've already purchased a few things, because Christmas comes every year.  I wonder why so many of us are surprised by it each year?  It's sort of like, "Wait!  What?  It's December again?!?"  (Or October--Halloween, November--Thanksgiving).  They sneak up on us, but yet, if you're like me, you've lived through around 30 of each of them.  It should be old hat by now.  But, if you're like me...it's not.

OK, back to dumping the--stuff.  Oh, and on a side note (speaking of "stuff") my husband and I were discussing how if we call big box stores "Stuff Marts" then shopping there (and buying unnecessary items) seems less appealing.  It's all semantics, but think about it. "Honey, I'm going to Stuff Mart to get more, uh...stuff, that we can throw away later..."  That's about when the 'Oh never minds' start & you stay home and enjoy each other and your hard saved cash. 

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