Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Things of Note

Hello!  Oh, dear readers.  I had no idea I'd been away for so long.  I suppose it has much to do with the move.  It'll get better when we are back on a routine (i.e. schooling starts!).

But I do need to ask a question.  Some of you who read my blog are wonderful homesteaders--with children.  Some of you homeschool, some drive for school.  Here is my question:  We are house hunting, and have found some beautiful properties about 20 minutes outside of A town (not the town we live in...they are 40 minutes from this town).  My choices are a very small local public school, or to continue to homeschool.  However, I'm used to homeschooling with a city (note: LARGE city) nearby, with many private lessons in multiple topics available.

Yet, the properties have beautiful land, out in the country, with homes that fit our desires (they go a bit beyond our needs, but in this market, our price range is happy!).  So, I'm asking--if you are currently living out in the country--how do you like it?  My only concern is the extra stuff for schooling, I know I could cover beyond the basics in math, history, science, reading, etc...with my kids.  AND there is always the internet.  AND when they get older there is a satellite location for Utah State University only 20 minutes from the area we are looking at (USU offers dual enrollment for credit from home during the high school years).

Speaking of looks like our 4th little one is going to be a boy!  His siblings are very excited.  Our oldest (a boy) is very happy to have a brother, and the two little girls have been begging for a little brother.  So, they all got their wish.

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