Thursday, December 23, 2010

Anything you say can AND WILL be used against you.

A simple reminder: children remember everything you tell them, even when it seems they are not listening.

Here's an example (originally published on Regression in July 2008):

This evening we made cookies...chocolate chip--no decorating required. This, however, did not phase my dear children. They still got the sprinkles out. I informed them they could only put sprinkles on the ones they were going to eat. The following conversation ensued:

Z: Why?
Me: I don't like sprinkles, so I don't want any on my cookie.
Z: Here's a cup of sprinkles.
Me: What for?
Z: You need to try them again. You said that if I don't like something I need to try it a few times. Keep eating those sprinkles until you learn to like them.

(a few minutes later, he comes up to me imitating my "mmm, this is a good (insert veggie here) statement)
Z: Mmmmm, Mommy, these sprinkles sure are yummy! If you'd try them, I know you'd like them!

I'm trying really hard not to laugh.

THEN, I find Chayce with the colored sugar bottles.

Me: what are you doing?
C: Eating these sparkly sprinkles.
Me: I see....why?
C: They are yummy, and they don't have sugar IN them.
Z: Nope, not in them, because they ARE sugar.

Laughter no longer controlled. You have to love them.

With red sprinkles stuck to her face.

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