Thursday, December 23, 2010

Enjoying the Moment

I've been trying to think of how to phrase why I'm on a quest for simple, and perhaps due to the fact that I like to complicate things, it has been difficult for me. I cannot really explain what it is I am after, but I know it when I see it--or feel it. While looking for my simple moment today, I decided to go back through some writings of my husband's. When I read the following passage, I knew it had to be today's post. Think on it, I know I have been.

During landing at the Detroit airport, I noticed the moon was fascinatingly large, orange, and beautiful. As is typical, my first response was to whip out my cell phone and to try and get a picture of it. Of course, my cell phone was off, so I thought, 'oh, well,' and just looked.

While looking, I contemplated the specialness of the experience. The moon only looks like this a few times per year. Why did I need to violate the specialness by greedily capturing the experience to have with me always? Why could I not watch in wonder rather than immediately trying to immortalize the view?

For remainder of the taxi to my gate, I contemplated how many other things in life were like this experience, and it seemed that much of American culture and lifestyle is this way. We can have any type of food any time of the year. We can have dessert twice a day. We can communicate from anywhere, but the convenience and frequency has led to shallow relationships.

What do you think? Do you agree that our relationships have become more shallow, due to ease of communication? Are we so well off, so wealthy, that nothing is special anymore? I'm off to think on this more.

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