Sunday, December 19, 2010

When Christmas Comes Early

I already posted about our tree being completely safe (it's even quite light, as it's a plastic one that I bought ten years ago for about $20, because really, once it's covered in decorations, you can't see the tree anyway). I'd been keeping an eye out for a safer nativity for my children to play with, but didn't really want to buy the plastic ones. Then, I was pleasantly surprised.

My wonderful friend (who blogs with her sisters here) sent me this beautiful nativity that she crocheted herself! I was so surprised/excited when I opened the box that I cried. The detail shows that the time and effort this took must have been enormous. My children adore them as well. This is something that will definitely have a place beneath our tree, probably in a cute little basket, every single year. THANK YOU!
The Three Wise Men & Their Gifts.

Mary, Joseph & baby Jesus.

The donkey, Shepherd, sheep, and Angel.

Another shot of baby Jesus, and his wonderful straw lined manger.

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