Monday, December 27, 2010

Jingle Bells!

Because I have three small children, teach the 18-36 month old class at church on Sundays, and will be taking care of the "Baby Group" at our homeschool co-op for the next two months, I decided I needed some fun entertainment of my own, to keep with me, that would be novel to the children I was with.  It seems that keeping toys novel is the key to keeping small children entertained.  Back in November, right after Thanksgiving, Michaels was selling these harvest colored bells at 75% off.  I bought a box of them, thinking they would come in handy at some time.  Then as I stared at them last night, an idea came.  Last year, when Christmas decorations went to 90% off everywhere, I bought a bunch of raffia for packages.  Well, it's the day after Christmas again, and I haven't used up all the raffia I bought last year.  So, I braided the bells onto it, making musical jingle bells for the kids!   My husband was wonderful and we sat and braided together while watching Paula Dean--Love her!

The bells!  Such pretty colors:  I have red, green, orange, and yellow.

Braiding the raffia, and putting the bell onto one strand.

See...just one strand, so it's part of the braid when you are done.

The bells hanging from the raffia.  Tie off end in a knot.
Tie the ends together in a square knot.  You want a bracelet of bells. 

Jingle Bell bracelets completed! 

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