Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Any Runners Out There?

I don't really know who is reading these posts yet...I mean, I keep tabs on where you're located, but since there haven't been a lot of comments, I don't think I can tag you effectively.  So, if you decide to do this little survey, let me know in the comments and I'll pop over to your blog.

In my dreams, I ...have incredible self-control.  I fuel myself proactively before running, and then push myself through slumps, and am able to feel the running rush EVERY TIME. 

My favorite book is...Hmmm, I don't know.  I suppose the ones I turn to most often are the Tightwad Gazette--because it inspires me, and any of Tosca Reno's Eating Clean books because she inspires me, too.

My favorite movie is... I love Meryl Streep, so pretty much anything she's been in.

My breakthrough was... The day that I ran 6 miles in an evening on my treadmill, and I didn't die.  I did it to see if I could, it was 8 at night, and kids were asleep already.  When I mentioned it to a friend (already a runner), she asked why I didn't push myself to do a half-marathon instead of the upcoming 10K.  So I did.

My favorite run is... a run where I find myself deep in thought, not realizing that I've flown through my circut, and that my body has performed amazingly on it's own, from memory of training.  It's only happened a few times, but it left me feeling amazing, and it's why I keep going.

My favorite season to run is...Autumn, it's the perfect weather, the ground isn't mushy (like spring), and the leaves are beautiful.

My favorite distance is...5K--Maybe 10K because it's something I can do each day and feel as though I've accomplished something that most of the general populace isn't.  That running it regularly makes me feel successful.  Of course, after the 15K, I felt awesome as well.  I didn't feel physically awesome after the half-marathon, but mentally I was excited I'd done it.

My favorite race is
... I don't know.

I started running because of... I needed something I could do for me.  I joined a walking group when I had my second baby, and after everyone had delivered, they started running.  I didn't realize it had been a running group before all the ladies became pregnant (I was new to the area), and they'd just decided to walk together until delivery.  I then figured that if they could do it, so could I.

My reason to keep running is...I like it.  I like saying that I'm a runner.  Usually people are shocked because I don't look like a runner.  I suppose if I had some of that self-control from my dreams (see above) I might.  Maybe someday...

I knew I was a runner for life when... I finished a race, looking for the sign up for the next one, even though I was exhausted.  But still, does that mean for life?  Not so sure.  I do know it'll be for a long time.

I am most scared of... getting hurt and not being able to run.  I often look at older, sedentary people, and I wonder how they got there.  I wonder what caused them to stop moving, stop going after things.  I fear that, I want to keep going.

My main goal as a runner is... to know I could jump up and run three miles at any time if I had to or wanted to.  Any distance beyond that makes me happy, but isn't necessary.

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  1. Gosh, wouldn't it be awesome to have that runner's high every time? And I love the Tightwad Gazette!

    I could do with some of that self-control thing too.... =)