Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I must say I learned an important lesson today.  Menu plans are great...even if you don't stick to them.  What do I mean?  Here's what happened:
Our church starts at 2 pm & goes til 5, which is fine, but I thought I'd be amazing and get some soup into the crockpot so that as soon as I got home I'd have dinner to throw into bowls.  I was feeling super good about myself as I diced tomatoes, onions, and bell pepper, threw in some beans...mmmmm.  Then I sat down and read through my favorite "use up the veggies in the fridge" cookbooks, because Saturday was farm co-op day, and I find that if I use a lot of the produce at the first half of the week we do better overall at eating well.  If I try to save it for later, and stretch it, I find we reach for less than healthy things and then things go bad.  Odd, but true.  At least for us.  Anyhow, meals planned, dinner in crock-pot...done.  I felt pretty triumphant. 

Then I came home.  The soup wasn't really cooked'd been simmering, but it needed more time to be perfect (onions not quite translucent yet, peppers still a bit firm in the middle), and I just didn't want to take it out of the crock-pot and boil it.  So, in a flash, I moved Tuesday's meal to today, today's to tomorrow, and tomorrow's to Tuesday.  Problem fixed, and I didn't have to think for more than 5 seconds.  Score!

Anyhow, here's our menu plan.

Monday:  Soup (see above).  Make bread during the day?  Hmmm, perhaps, if it's cold out.
Tuesday:  Twisted potato pancakes (using sweet potatoes instead of regular, adding diced turkey & serving with cranberry sauce over the top instead of traditional apple sauce) & a side salad.
Wednesday: Left over soup (t'was a large pot), salad.
Thursday: Roasted potatoes, zucchini, bell pepper & onion.
Friday: Promised the kids we'd try a different meal from a different country each week.  They chose the Middle East first, so I'm going to attempt to cook lamb (never done it) and make tabbouleh. 
Saturday: Left overs.