Monday, January 10, 2011

January's Goals--Pantry included

Well, it's been a week...and I'm doing so-so.

Our meal planning (and sticking to it!) has been going fabulously.  Sticking to my meal plans has been the hardest part for me...I don't mind writing them.  This is helping me to put what needs to be eaten first, rather than just what I want and then letting the healthier, more fragile stuff, go to waste. 

My husband helped me peel, slice, freeze, dry, powder, juice & refrigerate 50 pounds of carrots.  I threw some powdered carrot (dry them, grind in blender) into the egg foo yung on Sunday--YUM! 

I'm looking at my menu plan and thinking that I need to take out the roasted potato day (Thursday), and make the recipe of Ricotta/spinach gnocchi that I have, since I already have the ricotta and spinach, and I believe that those two things will go bad faster than the potatoes and onions.  I'll post that recipe on Thursday when I make it.

As for the pantry challenge, I'm excited to dig through the freezer and see what I have to eat.  I used many pantry staples in my cooking last week, and we are still blessed to have more on hand.

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