Monday, September 19, 2011

Christmas Planning--Week 4!'s been FOUR WEEKS?!?

That means that the children have been in school for four weeks (and I'm learning to roll with it, but haven't started to love it yet...), my tot and I have been heading to story time for three weeks, and my house is...well, a bit more organized. 

Last week, my master bedroom didn't become a haven.  I did keep the laundry in there clean, and the clothes that I miss are in a box while I wear things that sort of flatter my motherly figure.  BUT, the bedframe I wanted was SOLD OUT on all of the websites I shopped on, and then I decided to go to a consignment sale and buy some baby things--which I stuck in the master bedroom because, ummm, well I don't have a nursery in this house (phew, a good excuse!).

This week is called Close to Home Week, where you work on things that matter close to home such as your children's bedrooms, playrooms, and messes that keep piling up.  In all my coolness, I plan to do my kids' laundry for them today (yes, I make my 8 & 6 year old do their own, under my supervision--of course!) while they are at school.  Giving them a bit of a break so we can do other things in the evenings together.  I wonder if they'll notice that it's done...

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