Saturday, September 3, 2011

Oh No!

Currants on the vine...mine are in the freezer...

So, as I was putting the frozen meatballs into baggies and back into the freezer, I made a discovery:  There were MORE currants.  I guess I'm not done making jelly.  It's OK, though.  This time, due to already having some jelly made that set, I can experiment myself using the juice to see if cutting the sugar still allows it to set.  I'm kind of excited about the prospect. 

My mother-in-law also told me that huckleberries are ready (Idaho huckleberries, so we'll have to drive a bit because we don't live in Idaho), but we haven't had a good harvest of those in years, so guess what I'm doing this weekend?  I'll take pictures...sadly, I can't send taste via blog.  They are so good, and the only good ones grow wild on the mountain side.  The cultivated ones are tasteless in comparison.  THEN, she informed me that choke cherries will be on soon after!  And I have ZERO choke cherry syrup in my pantry for the winter.  And I LOVE choke cherry syrup on pancakes...soooo, I'll go back again.  And pick.  And can. 

I'm quite happy my little boy isn't due until winter.  The others all came in the early fall or spring, and those are times when there is much to do.  I'm excited that the others will have 3 weeks off school for the holidays when he comes, and we can just be together.  I've cancelled all holiday parties (except for small gatherings at our home, with plenty of holiday food), so we can just be together, getting to know our newest addition. 

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