Thursday, September 22, 2011

So Busy!

This week has been a blast and a half, I tell ya!

I've been prepping to teach my son's 3rd grade class's art appreciation segment, and I'm a little sad that I only get 15 minutes this week because we're supposed to study Raphael's School of Athens, which has so much technique and so many different known mathematicians and scientists and philosophers in it that we could study it for months and not be done!

I also teach reading in my daughter's 1st grade class once a week, one on one--not the whole group.  See?  In the time I took to teach these classes, my kids would be done with their work for the day!  Oh well...we're helping multiple little people this year. 

Our family is (OK, I'm) baking seeded loaves of bread for the bake sale that will take place at the school's Fall Festival.  The kids are excited because I let them buy the wristbands that make all the outdoor rides unlimited (we're talking about climbing walls, bouncy houses, sumo-wrestling, bungee racing, etc...very exciting for them).  And during all of this fun activity I had that wonderful glucose test that makes every pregnant woman everywhere sick. Why yes I'd love to drink nauseating sugar-syrup and then have you poke me with needles!  Thank you for offering!  Blech.

And pack meeting was last night--my boy came with me!  He'll be 8 next week, and is excited to jump in on the fun.  We did service for families in the neighborhood for the activity--fall yard work for those that can't.  And then came home and did ours.  We had a great time, and it was wonderful to see those little scouts do service for their neighbors and learn what it is like to take care of another human being.

Did I mention we also preserved 14 dozen ears of corn?  Nothing like putting things away for the winter!  Some of them were cross bred sweet corn with Indian corn, so it's very pretty.  We kept those on the cob and plan on serving the multi-colored corn on the cob for Thanksgiving.  I still haven't made the apricot jam.  I'm slacking, I know.

Then tonight, I get to go to a class on making your homeschool more exciting (not that ours was boring, in all actuality, I'm just uber-happy that there will be around 40 other homeschooling mothers there--you know, in case I uh, decide that we're going to homeschool again.)

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