Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cucumbers have taken over my house...HELP!

Just a quick post to say I don't think we'll be sticking to our meal plan.  We have had a lot of produce given to us, and so my frozen ingredients are going to stay that way, and these fresh ones are going to fill our bellies.  However, I need some cucumber ideas that you have USED and your children have LIKED.  My kiddos are quickly becoming non-fans of the cucumber/onion/vinegar salad.

We're going to try cucumber lemonade tomorrow, as well as cucumber soup.  And I might dice one into our fresh salsa (oh, yeah, the tomatoes...and I'm not in the mood to can them right now...I've still got jam and jelly to make!).  Tomato sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches...Whew!

OK, people--start brainstorming...NOW!

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