Monday, September 5, 2011

Huckleberry Picking!

As promised, I am posting photos of our hunt in the wilderness for huckleberries!  Idaho huckleberries, because they are amazing in flavor.  They also cost $50/lb if you ever try to buy them, because it really is a hunting trip for them.  And once you find a patch, it'll still take you hours to fill a bucket of those tiny, delicious wild-growing berries.  I realize you can cultivate huckleberries...but the flavor does not compare to a wild one.  Not at all. Here are some highlights of our trip:
The kids helping pick.

A little distracted...

Me!  Picking those at a time...

There were lots this year!

We got 12 cups in 3 hours.  Phew!

And threw in a little playtime.
 Next time...well post on how to turn these berries into one of my sweet husband's favorite ice-creams!  Huckleberry Pie.

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  1. I wonder if a berry scoop might make it go a bit faster.