Monday, September 12, 2011

Week Three: Me & Mine Week

I'm quite excited about this week, due to the fact that I dislike the idea of having a messy bedroom, but yet, use my bedroom as the dumping ground for everything not organized as I clean up the rest of the house.  I love the premise of having a calm place to go, even when things are crazy--and we all know that things might be a bit crazy with the holidays over-lapping with new baby #4!!! Those of you following the Christmas plan know there are 104 days til Christmas as of this morning (yippee!), but hopefully, I've only got 92 days until the ball starts rolling! 

Some of my thoughts for the week:

Make a few make ahead meals: 
Chicken enchiladas

Turn part of the apricots into fruit leather rather than all jam--we made zucchini leather this week with cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg!  It was so good, and I felt great sending extra veggies to school rather than a candy in the lunchbox.

Actually follow the room clean-up plan.  There are some great coupons to the craft stores in our area out this week (50% off here, 40% off there), and so I hope to take the time to make our room better.  I might even invest in a bed frame!  See, we bought a great mattress, but it's still on the floor...
Perhaps like this one?
Queen Size Quad-Fold Folding Bed Frame
I really want to paint the bedroom set we bought at a thrift store ($190 for a high boy, vanity, and two night stands!) but I realize that we'll be moving within a year, and if I can hold off, I can prevent having to do touch-up paint.  So, I'm waiting...and that's OK.  Plus, sanding and paint fumes during pregnancy is supposedly a no-no... But maybe...nah, I really can wait.

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  1. We bought a frame like this, and we love it. We love having more storage underneath, and we love that it's so easy to take apart for moving. (I just wish we weren't using most of the extra space to store boxes for our next move.) Absolutely worth the investment and if you use a bed ruffle you can't tell that it's not a traditional bed frame. We didn't buy this exact one, but if you're shopping different brands let me know and I'll see if I can remember what kind we have.